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Felix Da Housecat – He Was King

Posted in Albums by Catriona on August 30, 2009

Felix Da Housecat

He Was King

Nettwerk: 2009

Heavily inspired by Prince’s 80’s synth-pop, the album takes its cue from the La Roux school of electro that’s currently taking over the charts. He Was King is dominated by dreamy female vocals –  courtesy of guest singer Nesh –  and is evidently aiming for a Kittenz and Thee Glitz cross-over appeal instead of sticking to the rather more niche house audience. Unfortunately, it was presumably this desire that led to the creation of the two weakest tracks on the album “Do Not Try This at Home”, and “Turn Me on a Summer Smile”, which veer too far from Felix’s trademark electro and bellyflop into something else entirely. Don’t let this put you off – there’s some truly, truly brilliant tracks –  “Elvi$” and “LA Ravers” see Felix on top form for sheer electro-house, dancefloor craziness, while “Kickdrum” promises to be the sort of club favourite that you’ll be dancing to for months to come.


David Guetta – One Love

Posted in Albums by Catriona on August 28, 2009

David Guetta

One Love

Virgin: 2009

Whether you like it or not, it’s hugely likely that you’ve danced to at least one of David Guetta’s tracks already. One Love is David Guetta’s already successful fourth album. Famous for dance tracks like Pop Life’s 2007 hit “Love Is Gone” (ft Chris Willis), Guetta has been in the charts seen his debut in 2002. The king of popular dance anthems, Guetta is like a version of Mark Ronson and Timbaland but perhaps not as well known, even though he has always been present in club playlists. Collaborating with big names such as Kelly Rowland, Akon and Black Eyed Peas, his new album is packed with Top 40 material. Whilst One Love feels more like a load of winning singles thrown in together rather than a cohesive album, it’s hard to complain. There are many stand-out tracks, including the perfect pop hits “Sexy Bitch” and “When Love Takes Over” both which have graced the number one slot recently, as well as most recent single “Memories” ft Kid Cudi.

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Marina and the Diamonds

Posted in Videos by Catriona on August 7, 2009

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds for the last couple of months – I won’t tell you what the current play count “Numb” and “Obsessions” have on my ipod at the moment, but believe me, it’s pretty high.

Fatal Bazooka Feat Yelle

Posted in Videos by Catriona on August 2, 2009

I’ve been obsessively watching this video all morning, it’s fantastic! Especially if you read the subtitles (they’re up beside the YouTube video, but I’ve pasted them below if you can’t be bothered to click through). I’m going through a bit of a Yelle phase at the moment, but I don’t think anything else she’ll do in the future can beat this collaboration with Fatal Bazooka for sheer entertainment value.