I’m Scared of Vinyl

Kitsune Maison 8

Posted in Albums, News by Catriona on December 2, 2009

I’ve been wildly curious about the latest Kitsune Maison compilation (Vol. 8 ) that’s just been released and have been trawling the internet in the hopes of being able to listen to it somewhere. So far, I’ve been thwarted, but that could just be due to my limited google-searching abilities. What I did discover, much to my amazement, was how scarily upmarket the Kitsune myspace page has become. It extensively advertises the rather classy looking Kitsune shop in Paris, and I spent a good few minutes admiring their clothing line before realising that I was actually on a Myspace music page. What with Ed Banger’s (i.e. Busy P’s) collaboration with Colette, it seems that the French electro scene is certainly becoming part of the Parisian establishment.

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